Every industry and every business will evolve to become a technology and data-driven business

by 4 days ago.

This is a seminal moment in time for Australia.

Technological disruption is accelerating and impacting every industry without regard to social consequences. Industries that account for almost a third of Australia’s GDP today are on the firing line, challenged by companies using technology to leverage their global scale, access new datasets, erase industry boundaries and invent new industries.

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University students must leave the classroom and work in startups to gain entrepreneurial experience

by 101 days ago.

As manager of Student Entrepreneur Development at UNSW, I am often asked about the best way for students to learn ‘entrepreneurship.’ The answer, in my opinion, is by actually being an entrepreneur: by founding and running a startup in tandem with studying a degree, and actually encountering the same challenges, risks, and rewards as a real entrepreneur.

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