It’s time the government started testing and validating their ideas towards a better future for Australian startups

by 4 days ago.

It is painfully apparent that even though this is the third iteration of Labor for Innovation, nothing really has been done since the first. The panel was very eager to let us know about what their ideas are, but we have not seen any action or even plans come out of these sessions. My concern here is not that these conversations are not useful, because they are, but that they stop when the events are over. There is no speed to action or testable MVPs that come out of these dialogues.

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Australian startups’ fetish with fundraising is the French Bulldog equivalent of artificial insemination

by 60 days ago.

Our local fetish with funding rounds are the French Bulldog equivalent of artificial insemination. We are keeping companies alive that perhaps should not be around. With over 100 incubators in the country, we are fast reaching saturation point for synthetically created companies.

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Solving high-value, underserved problems is the only thing that matters for Australian startups

by 69 days ago.

There has been a lot of recent discussion surrounding the role of startups, venture capital, Government, STEM education and various other elements that factor into Australia’s ability to be an effective creator of new economic and societal value. However, a large portion of the content has been fixated on certain inadequacies that currently inhibit our ability to execute innovation regularly at meaningful scale.

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