Digital assets and the evolution of value

by 36 days ago.

Ever since I’ve had any meaningful purchasing power, I’ve completed transactions electronically. I simply viewed a number in my bank account, and after a given transaction occurred, my account displayed the transaction itself as well as the remaining balance available to me. I received my goods or service and was on my way, often giving little thought to the implication of the value exchange.

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Wyatt Roy

Wyatt Roy is the Taylor Swift of Australian politics: a reflection on last weekend’s #PolicyHack

by 37 days ago.

My role at #PolicyHack was very clear – I was the lead facilitator for Team 3: tasked to improve gender equality in the ecosystem. The biggest lesson from #PolicyHack was how harrowingly hard it is to combat a systematic problem like gender equality in tech in one blow. For all the noise I make about this issue, I was truly humbled by how challenging it is to get anyone, let alone the government and the private sector, to agree on what to do first.

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NEW YORK, NY – MAY 15:  Zendesk CEO & Founder Mikkel Svane rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange on May 15, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Dario Cantatore/NYSE Euronext)

Unconventional learnings from behind the startup

by 70 days ago.

ust seven short years before Zendesk made its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, we were three guys who had quit our sensible consulting jobs to work on what many of us initially thought was a “boring” idea from a tiny loft in Copenhagen. Rather than dreaming of fortune and success, we were making furniture from old doors to save money and wondering how we were all going to pay our mortgages if this gamble didn’t pay off.

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The role of a Chief Evangelist is to take a company from zero to critical mass. But what does that mean?

by 78 days ago.

The purpose of an evangelist is to help a company, a product, a technology or merely “a thing” go from zero to critical mass. Evangelists help find and leverage the most passionate early adopters so that these particular users are so compelled; they convince their friends, family and colleagues to use what they’re using.

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