Employees from the biggest tech companies in the world are using BrightCaller to stay productive

by 4 days ago.

BrightCaller, a startup based out of Stanford, California has come up with a solution to help people stay committed to their goals – whether it’s related to their personal lives or their work. In fact, employees from the world’s biggest tech companies – including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Slack, Uber and Pinterest – are using BrightCaller to stay productive.

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Everfest is the all-encompassing platform for festival communities with goals to dominate a multibillion dollar space

by 13 days ago.

Every country has its own iconic string of festivals revolving around national holidays, religious events, cultural values and more. It’s no wonder that Austin, Texas-based startup Everfest wants to capitalise on the world’s love of festivals and establish itself as the leader in this space.

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