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Sydney startup EventMojo connects event organisers and suppliers under one digital umbrella

by 45 days ago.

In an effort to make organising an event less painful and bring cringe-worthy events to an end, two Sydney-based entrepreneurs Sanjay Sundarjee and Ben Pecotich decided to create a service that enables organisers to find, book and pay for event products and services under one digital umbrella, EventMojo.

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rebecca derrington

The rise of Rebecca Derrington and her media tech startup SourceBottle

by 46 days ago.

Rebecca Derrington is one of the most under-recognised entrepreneurs in the Australian technology scene. Given her humble nature, it’s not all that surprising that she’s flown under the radar. But when you do the math, Derrington has achieved phenomenal success over the past five years with her startup SourceBottle.

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Unsaid is the enterprise app for employees to anonymously discuss what they really think about the company

by 51 days ago.

At a time when Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are pushing people to put forth their most polished, digital selves, a new class of mobile applications is more interested in uncensored honesty. The latest enter a new class of anonymous social applications is Unsaid, owned by 25fifteen, an Australian company that builds, collaborates with and invests in startups.

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