Third Party Trade

Third Party Trade allows FinTech startups to use its API to gain easy access to US markets

by 1 day ago

Third Party Trade has taken all the core features of what it means to be an online brokerage platform and broken it down into an API platform. This way, anyone – whether they’re an existing online broker or an Australian startup founder looking to launch a new business – can integrate with its service and instantly tap into the US market.

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Perth startup Nuheara, the first wearables company to list on the ASX, has developed technology that lets people hear what they want to hear

by 16 days ago.

But Nuheara, a startup based out of Perth and San Francisco, is set to make this a reality. In partnership with Curtin University in Western Australia, the startup is developing innovative augmented ‘Hearables’ (ear buds) that allow people to control their hearing experience with the help of a smartphone app.

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Startup Running Heroes rewards people for running while providing valuable data insights to health and fitness brands

by 22 days ago.

Running has many rewards, including better brain performance, better mood, and better sleep. But if you’re not a fan of running or other vigorous physical activities, the post-workout panting and muscle soreness overshadow the health rewards. French startup Running Heroes has launched in Australia to not only reward avid runners for their dedication, but to also motivate non-runners to start hitting the pavement.

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TeamGooroo_April2015 (1)

Melbourne startup Gooroo is using data science to transform the way technology professionals manage their careers

by 49 days ago.

Melbourne-based startup Gooroo is building a globally unique and verifiable talent-company-role matching algorithm which promises to not only transform the way employers recruit technology talent, but also the way technology professionals manage their careers and the way we understand the technology industry.

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