Readbug is an online platform helping indie magazines expand their digital and physical reach

by today

Companies like Spotify and Netflix have paved the way for digital subscription, making it quick, cheap and easy to access millions of songs and movies all in one place. Now, London startup Readbug wants to bring that approach to indie magazines, providing readers with access to dozens of hard to find titles. While the startup wants to replicate the services provided by the likes of Netflix and Spotify, it also wants to offer support outside of the digital world and help readers to engage in print publishing.

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Melbourne startup PromisePay is focusing on US expansion as it gears up for a capital raise

by 1 day ago

Online marketplaces allow you to hire almost anything these days, from tradies to event planners and even pets. Yes, there’s an app that let’s you borrow a dog for a day. But who are these tradies, planners and dogs? How can you be guaranteed that the tradie is qualified, the planner is tasteful and the dog doesn’t have rabies? When it comes to money you don’t want to be offloading to anyone and that’s where managed payment systems come in.

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tech in asia

Tech in Asia launches expansion into India

by 1 day ago

When one thinks booming startup ecosystems, Silicon Valley, Israel, and China are usually the first to come to mind, but India has had a stellar 2015, with an increase of seed funding from $15 million in 2014 to an expected $100 million in 2015. Keen to keep its finger on the pulse, tech and startup publication Tech in Asia has announced that it is expanding its physical presence into India, setting up an office in Bangalore.

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Sunshine Coast digital agency Traffika wants to prove that startups can succeed outside the capital cities

by 5 days ago.

The stats on startup failure are well known; lots of people try their hand at it, but only a small handful make it. Still, those in the business of giving entrepreneurial advice often say that you need to fail before you can succeed. That’s certainly been the case for Matt Forman who, after spending years on a startup that was going nowhere, decided to throw in the towel and start again with Traffika.

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