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CareMonkey is a health and safety system designed for use by any organisation with a duty of care.

The platform is used by schools, sporting clubs, church groups, youth groups, Scouts, camps, and businesses.  CareMonkey automates or automatically collects medical and emergency contact information from all of the participants in a location or activity. That means it will keep a school’s medical and emergency contact information database up to date, and then once it has collected that information, it is made available to the right people on their mobile devices.

If we use schools as an example,  a teacher on a school excursion or camp where there is an incident has instant access to the student’s emergency contacts and medical information on their mobile device, even if they’re offline.

“The idea came about a few years ago,” said cofounder Troy Westley. “I was working in my office at home and by mistake I pulled out one of our son’s asthma action plans from a filing cabinet. I looked at this document and saw that it was designed by the doctor, it described the symptoms of his asthma and also what to do if he couldn’t breathe, and I was horrified that it was in the filing cabinet and not accessible to anybody. And I thought, there must be a better way to share sensitive information with others, and so came up with the idea of CareMonkey as a secure but social care network.”

“The reality is without a system like CareMonkey, he could’ve died.”

According to Asthma Australia, more than 10 percent of people have asthma but only 18 percent know how to help somebody if they’re having an asthma attack – which means most people can’t help somebody if they’re having an asthma attack. A system like CareMonkey places those instructions right in the hands of the people that are in charge of the welfare of the others so that they know what to do and who to call. They can tell an ambulance, ‘here’s the information you need to know about this person if you’re going to treat them.’

That is powerful and life-saving data to be able to access.

It is pretty clear as to why last year the startup won its category in the Talent Unleashed Awards. The impact that that has had on Westley’s life was as recent as last week, when he spent a week on Necker Island with Richard Branson.

Prior to leaving for the trip Westley spoke with Startup Daily about what he wanted to get out of the trip.

“I expect that I’m going to meet some amazing people there and make some new friends, make some good business connections, get some great ideas,” he said.

“This might sound strange, but I haven’t got any expectations yet, I’m going over with an open mind. I haven’t got an agenda, I’m turning up on the invitation of Sir Richard Branson and it’s going to be good to spend some time with him, and I’m assuming there’s going to be perhaps 15 or 20 other people that are in the group that we’re spending time with. I don’t know who they are, but I’m guessing that I’m going to make connections with people where I can help them in their businesses and they can help me.”

Talent Unleashed is a program that connects great minds together. Entrants walk away inspired and with a strong network of new friends. Hanging out on Necker Island isn’t too bad either, no?  Enter the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards. Check out the categories and enter here.

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