Clickability is a site that not only acts as a disability service directory, it is a ratings and review platform for those people that actually use the services listed.

The company was cofounded by Aviva Beecher and Jenna Moffat when they both discovered they had similar pain points when it came to referring their clients to services within the sector.

“I’m trained as a social worker and so is my business partner. I was working in mental health and she was working with people with acquired brain injuries in the disability sector, and I was finding that every time I needed to refer people that I was working with to other services [there was a long complicated process involved]. I needed to find which service to refer them to and then find out whether they were in fact eligible to go to that particular service,” Beecher explained. 

“After that I would need to find out whether that service had a waiting list, whether they were living in the right place, and whether they were the right age to be able to go. That information is really hard to find and it’s hard to know what questions to ask and I was finding myself not only holding a ridiculous amount of power and being a gatekeeper of information, but finding that it was really unempowering for the people I was working with, in my opinion.”

All this was happening around the launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which has really changed up the disability sector. It has basically given people choice and control over the service provided that they use for the first time ever.

“There’s some really great things about the NDIS, including the choice and control piece of it, but the big piece that was missing for Jenna and I was the informed choice,” said Beecher.

“The NDIS has been a huge culture shift for everybody and the piece that was missing for us was the information coming from the people who had used the services before. That’s what was behind us starting Clickability.”

Apart from all the regular daily challenges that any new business faces, Beecher says that Clickability has also faced a huge cultural challenge, not just when it came to users, but also potential investors and partners for the platform.

“The biggest challenge is probably this cultural change,” said Beecher.

“To expect a community that’s been chronically disempowered to suddenly be able to give feedback and advocate for themselves is not reasonable. A  lot people were also really scared about what we were doing, so that’s been huge learning curve and [education piece we have had to implement].”

The platform officially started to trade this year – a huge milestone, especially given the industry sector and the copious amount of red tape that comes with it.

The idea however was enough to impress the judges at last year’s Talent Unleashed Awards, with the duo scoring a category win.

“I think that was probably the first time that we had ever had to pitch,” said Beecher.

“The process was amazing. I think it really honed what’s important here and what’s important for the business as opposed to the impact and what is it that we need to present.”

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