The landscape of how we work is changing globally. The future will be heavily based around individuals selling their unique set of skills – this is not a prediction, it is a reality. Airtax by PWC has been set up to help task-focused contractors manage their tax obligations.



Task-focused platforms including Airtasker, Uber, Deliveroo, The Rural Network, 99designs, Design Crowd, Sidekicker, and Envato Studio are already changing the way we look at hiring for certain tasks in the workplace and at home.

Task Economy Platforms

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Why did you sign up to The Rural Network?

Country towns are stereotypically known for their close communities and friendliness, with neighbours always ready to give each other a helping hand.


Why did you sign up to DesignCrowd?

Living on a farm on the Southern Highlands of NSW, freelance graphic designer Monika stumbled upon DesignCrowd by chance a few years ago.

Why did you become a Freelancer?

After taking time off from her corporate job to have a baby, Jessie began wondering how she could get back to doing some work without having to go back to her job full time.


Why did you become an Uber driver?

Last December, Rani decided to make some extra money on the side by becoming an Uber driver. After a few weeks, she gave up her full time job to drive every day.

How to assess if your startup is eligible to claim the R&D Tax Incentive.

April 30 should be circled in bright red on every startup’s calendar: it’s the last day to submit your R&D Tax Incentive claim.

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