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As part of the company’s commitment to startups and small business, Lenovo is offering savings up to 15 percent off their product range through its new store dedicated to business owners.

The launch of the Lenovo SMB store means that now startups and small businesses in Australia can access discounts on products they have never been able to before. Lenovo products are built for the ultimate in performance and reliability, designed to make teams no matter how big or small, more productive. Whether you are looking for an efficient mobile solution or a desktop with plenty of power, Lenovo can match you with the right product for your growing business.

At Lenovo, mobility isn’t just a buzzword, it is one of the company’s guiding principles.

The brand designs its laptops to be some of the world’s lightest and thinnest. It engineers its tablets with four usage modes so that as a user you can work however you need to. It packs its mobile systems with enough multimedia tools and connectivity options that you will never have to sacrifice any performance.

Lenovo was part of Startup Daily’s recent Data Day event, where they came out to support the startup and small business communities.

In a talk backstage with Lenovo’s Christopher Jowsey, we learnt that there are some exciting things to come from the brand, particularly from a business front.

Chris Jowsey Backstage

In the next year or two, Lenovo will be expanding into phones, having taken over the Motorola brand from Google, and will be producing more integrations across PCs and tablet products.

Jowsey also spoke at length about the X1 Carbon device, which is the flagship product in the Thinkpad range.

“It is the most robust product that we make,” he said. “It is made out of a carbon fibre shell, and it has been our major flagship product for the last three years. You can scale it up and down and configure the product as need. As a scaling business it’s pretty much the only piece of kit that you’ll need.”

To get access to the Lenovo store and the discount, so you can take advantage of getting products like the X1 Carbon at a special price, Startup Daily readers will need to sign up to the store using their email address.

To get access to this store, simply register online by visiting bit.ly/lenovosmb.

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