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Phil Silverstone

[VIDEO] Startup Daily Sessions: Phil Silverstone, general manager of Eventbrite for ANZ

Phil Silverstone has recently been appointed as Australia and New Zealand general manager for US ticketing startup Eventbrite.

After working in the financial services sector for 16 years, Silverstone said it was time for a change: “People aren’t set out to be lifetime bankers, it’s something people just fall into.”

After realising there was no passion in debt, Silverstone escaped corporate life and fell straight into the startup world with Eventbrite. With big banks and corporates struggling under the pressure from more agile startups, Silverstone said is was the perfect time to make a move.

In recent years Eventbrite has become one of the world’s largest event technology platforms and is driving growth into Australia’s $270 million ticketing industry. As general manager, Silverstone will lead Eventbrite’s Australian and New Zealand operations, expanding its local strategy to take a piece of our country’s ticketing economy.

From tripling its size since 2014, Eventbrite is now at the point of aggressive scaling, and is acting more like a startup in Australia than a global corporate business.


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