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COVIU is all about implementing smart business practices for maximum efficiency at work


Sydney startup Coviu has been been working on WebRTC, which stands for Web Real Time Communications, where real time video conferences can take place in a person’s browser. Users can copy and paste a URL into their personal browser and enter a conference call, moving face-to-face connections between businesses and their clients into the online world.

Coviu, with the help of Data61, has developed a platform from the ground up to target the next technology curve, being video conferencing technology. This form of technology has new opportunities because it works in a user’s browser, making it perfect for sectors like health.

Coviu directly transmits a video stream to a user’s browser, meaning there is no service in-between, no having to login through another application, no sign-ups or so on. The platform is fully encrypted end-to-end so no other users can listen in, making it one of the most secure video conferencing technologies in the world.

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