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SydStart 2014 finalists announced

This year, over 220 people expressed interest in pitching at SydStart 2014Eighty semi-finalists were chosen from that pool – each of whom have ventures focusing on scalable, productised web and mobile technology, as well as tech startups that are in big markets. The finalists took part in four rounds of screening at the ASX, and each semi-finalist was scored by multiple judges according to five judging criteria. The top 10 were chosen to pitch on the main stage.

SydStart is taking place at Sydney Hilton next week on the 2nd of September.The afternoon is broken down like this:

There are 30 Finalists for SydStart 2014.

  • The ‘Top 10′ Finalists will pitch on the main stage competing for the Startup Trophy.
  • The ‘Next 20′ Finalists will pitch on the expo stage for awareness and PR.

SydStart is also expecting 30 journalists and around 150 investors to attend on the day. All semi-finalists have a table allocated for them at the expo so that journalists and investors can approach them.

The following is the finalist list as set out on the SydStart website.

The Finalists

The SydStart 2014 Finalists in order are as follows.

Stand by Top 10 marked with * will pitch if someone can’t make it.

SydStart 2014 The Top 10 Finalists (Main Stage)

  1. BLRT – Communication
  2. Go Far – Driving optimisation
  3. You Chews – Catering marketplace
  4. Thinkable – Research marketplace
  5. Coal Facer – Research marketplace
  6. Urban Outsource – Home services marketplace
  7. Stock Spot – Financial advice
  8. Rbutr – Crowdsourced rebuttal
  9. Next For Sale – Property pre-marketplace
  10. Touch Payments – Mobile payments

SydStart 2014 The Next 20 Finalists (Expo Stage Top 30)

  1. Fight It Together – Activism platform *
  2. eClosure – Internet funerals *
  3. Edisse – Elderly safety **
  4. Crowd Flight – Market research *
  5. GoPC – Virtual enterprise network *
  6. Vinus – Wine app *
  7. Stage Label – Fashion marketplace *
  8. Code N Go – AppStore publishing
  9. Play2Lead – Event engagement
  10. Disrupt Surfing – Custom surfboards
  11. World Academy – Education marketplace
  12. Conx – Construction marketplace
  13. Social Status – Engagement analytics
  14. Nexus Notes – Lecture notes marketplace
  15. Urimalo – Korean travel
  16. Simply Wall St – Share investing
  17. Whispa Music – Collaboration platform
  18. Coupay – Discount coupons
  19. Eye Map – Gaze analytics
  20. Grapple PM – Project planning

* Standby to pitch on the big stage
** Unable to pitch on the main day

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the day.

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