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Startup Grind is now in 50 cities, across 20 countries and an audience of over 40,000 entrepreneurs. Today they announced their global partnership of being powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

This is fantastic news for the startup community in Australia, it means that chapter organisers will have the backing of Googlers when it comes to the organisation of their events, and access to be able to get some really fantastic speakers that otherwise might not have been so easy to lock down.

In Australia we currently have two Startup Grind chapters in Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne championed by Chris Joannou is by far the most active with a constant stream of events, including an upcoming event on August 14th with Alan Noble, Director of Engineering at Google Australia.

The Sydney chapter is relatively new and is championed by Arj Selvam and Adam Muniz past guest speakers have included Scott Farquher and Matt Barrie.

Chris Joannou who is currently in Silicon Valley at the moment raising capital for his own startup was at the Startup Grind event as they made the official announcement: “I did hear Bill Maris the head of Google Ventures tell his story from the front row, and heard first hand the audience cheer as we announced our partnership with Google! It’s an exciting time for the Startup Grind movement now being powered by Google for Entrepreneurs worldwide…and I am very proud to be part of it”




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