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Tapit, taking on the world.

Tapit is one of the most innovative startups in terms of technology for 2012. Tapit uses NFC [Near Field Communication] technologies to market a customers brand with nothing but a simple tap of a customers smartphone.

Basically what Tap it do is allow you to push out content and offers to potential customers anywhere when they tap their phone against a Tap It icon. For instance you may be at the bus stop and their is a movie poster for an upcoming action thriller, you will be able to tap your phone against this icon and then the trailer of the film might play – this could then be made even more powerful by offering you a discounted ticket or a free popcorn if you go see the film at a particular cinema.

The Sydney Based startup was formed by Jamie Conyngham, David Kainer, Andrew Davis and James D’Arcy. They originally funded the business them selves and also received a grant from the NSW Government as a part of their mobile concierge program, this also followed quickly with a round of investment from a private investor in a Sydney Angels round of funding.

Tap it have also been selected to represent Australia at the Asia Demo Day 2012.


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